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Our Journey: From Humble Beginnings to a Trusted Financial Ally

Welcome to Sisters Tax Service, where our story is rooted in resilience, education, and a relentless drive to empower communities. Founded by a determined young woman from the South, our journey began 15 years ago amidst the humble settings of friends and family circles. Our CEO, Nicki Craver, ignited this venture with a vision far greater than just tax services – it was about changing lives.

Our vision is Financial Literacy and Empowerment for All

At Sisters Tax Service, we’re not just about numbers; we’re about nurturing financial literacy and creating lasting impacts. We recognized early on the gaps in financial education within minority communities – the lack of knowledge about organizing finances, building generational wealth, and preparing for life’s unexpected turns. These aren’t just services; they’re stepping stones towards a financially secure future.

A Team Dedicated to Your Financial Success

Our leadership team embodies the spirit of Sisters Tax Service

    Nicki Craver 

    Chief Executive Officer

    The visionary leader and heart of our company.

    Sharina Craver 

    Chief Operational Officer

    The operational genius ensuring our services run smoothly.

    Elvin Peterson

    Director of Operations 

    The strategist optimizing our service delivery.

    Evie Keeling

    Financial Support Manager

    The advisor empowering clients with financial wisdom

    Ashley Hartfield

    Director of Marketing

    The voice amplifying our mission.

     Moniqua Harvey 

    Tax Support Manager 

    The expert guiding our clients through tax nuances.

    Keyara Taylor

    Administration Support

    The backbone supporting our team’s efficiency.


    1801 N. Hampton Rd. #205

    Desoto Tx 75115